lunes, marzo 02, 2009

Lethian Dreams - For A Brighter Death

No recuerdo cual fue la ultima rola que les puse, fue hace tanto tiempo..

En fin, ahora les dejo con esta rolita de estos franceses llamados Lethian Dreams, creo que viene en su primer album.

Un poco de Doom para alegrar el día.

A frail painting is now broken
My forgotten dream was lying
And i have lost all reasons
That made me going on

Stains of blood on the purest stone
I was waiting for you to come
This eternal grey
is swallowing me now

There's no escape i can see
I'm becoming someone else
Following the void within
How i wish you would be here
Hopeless tomorrow
Keeping me away from myself
For a brighter death

I'll leave those lands
Will their choir
Leading my path
to this everlasting grey

Where are all this feelings are they gone
The colourless shape of my life
Still i can't find the strength
to go on this way

Pieces of me are falling down
Melting with the pouring rain
Washing away all the traces
I could have let in here

There's no escape i can see
I'm becoming someone else

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